Excerpts of letters received from VariProfile feathering propeller owners

(Complete letters available upon request)

Beneteau 393, VP-76 3-blade 17”x12”x10”, Westerbeke 44A

We are very pleased with our prop, it has significantly improved our sailing performance and under power we’re able to reach cruising speed at less RPM.  Thanks for a great product!

-- JD - Prev. propeller 3-blade fixed 18”x10”

Beneteau 393, VP-76 3-blade 17”x12”x10”, 54HP Yanmar 4JH4E

My B393 came equipped with the Volvo 3 blade folding propeller.
I found that the boat had very poor stopping ability with extensive reverse propwalk.
Making way in reverse was very challenging.
Neither my wife nor I felt comfortable docking the boat.
I promptly replaced the Volvo propeller with the Variprofile and can say that it is an unmitigated success.
The rapid stopping ability with minimal prop walk quickly restored our docking confidence.
Forward performance is smooth and vibration free.
The ease of pitch adjustment enabled me to independently fine tune forward and reverse performance.
I enthusiastically recommended this prop to all of my sailing friends.

-- GS   Previous Prop: Volvo 3-blade folding

Catalina 34MKII, VP-64 3-blade 15”x9”x7”, 30hp Universal M35A

Just a quick note regarding the 3 blade feathering prop that you sold me this spring.  I have just returned from 3 weeks cruising the North Channel and have had a chance to put it to almost every test imaginable.  It has exceeded my expectations in all respects.  I have much more control while the boat is in reverse and in tight quarters.  Motoring into waves, the boat has more thrust and consistency.  A great improvement.  As well we have noticed a marked increase in light air sailing speed.  All and all it appears to be a good investment. 

-- Mike H. - Prev. propeller 2-blade fixed 15”x10”

Catalina 34MKII, VP-64 3-blade 15”x11”x9”, 35 hp Universal M35B

I am running 6.4 kts at economical 2400 RPM instead of 6 kts at 2700 RPM with my old 2 blades…
I was actually quite impressed by the stopping power of the Variprofile in full throttle reverse. I stopped the boat from 6 kts to 0 within 1.75 boat length… Also my boat is very manoeuvrable under power with little prop walk in reverse. At full forward cruise throttle I achieved 7.2 kts. I even had fun spinning my boat between two of our docks alternating between forward and reverse. I could not do that easily with my old fixed 2 blades with too much prop walk.

-- Alain B. - Prev. propeller 2-blade fixed 15”x10”

Catalina 34MkII, VP-64 3-blade 15”x 11”x9”, 35 hp Universal M35B

Last weekend, while returning from Toronto Island, we were able to maintain a steady 7 kn at 2500 rpm in flat water. While sailing to the island on the Friday, we were maintaining 7-7.5 knots on a beam reach in 18 kn of wind.

-- Glen D. – Prev. propeller 3-blade fixed 15”x9”

Corbin 39, VP-76 3-blade 21”x14”x13.5”, Volvo 75hp Saildrive

I wanted to get back to you with the results of the new propeller on the boat. I can sum it up in one word FANTASTIC!

As you know my engine is a Volvo-Penta 75hp developed at 2700-3000RPM. At full throttle the engine generates 2840RPM so I think that is suitable.  The thrust is unbelievable and the prop walk almost negligible. As it turns out I really didn’t need to have been concerned about this prop being opposite rotation to what I was used to with my old boats. Handling at the dock is much better especially in reverse. I had to adjust my touch at the helm considerably to take into account the added responsiveness. I can reach my hull speed of 7.56kn at 2200RPM but seem to like cruising at 6.8kn at 1900RPM. I believe from this information that the prop was a good choice and that you and all your people did a great job.

-- J.V.

C&C 35MKII, VP-64 2-blade 15”x13”x11”, 22 hp Yanmar 3GM

I have been very satisfied with the prop although I am still adjusting the forward pitch to match my cruising rpm. After tuning the reverse pitch, I am getting very little prop walk with good stopping characteristics.

-- Peter W. – Prev. propeller Gori 2-blade folding 16.5”

C&C 38, VP-64 2-blade 16”x12”x10”, 18 hp Atomic 4 “Stevedore”

Had a very good trip from Kingston to Iroquois for haul out two weeks ago. Sailing at 9.4 kn SOG past Johnstown. I would say the most significant difference between my old two blade fixed prop and the VARIPRPOFILE 3-blade feathering is the reverse both in stopping and in particular maneuvering the boat in reverse away from the dock. (Significant improvement). The prop pushed the C&C 38 about .6 of a knot faster than the old 2-blade prop and the boat did not reduce speed as much against a headwind and waves.

-- Cedric L. – Prev. propeller 2-blade fixed 16”x10”

CS 36T, VP-64 3-blade 16”x12”, 30 hp Westerbeke W27

As for meeting my expectations, I have never had a prop that good on any of my boats. Powerful in forward and as strong in reverse. It makes going in crowded marinas a piece of cake. For me using a folding prop was a must for racing. Now I can have both, no drag and power to move around.  I will be changing my boat within the next two years and you can be sure that if I don't have a feathering prop on my next boat, you will get a call from me.

-- Daniel G. - Prev. propeller Martec 2-blade folding 18”x12”

Dufour 485, VP-104 3-blade 21”x13”, 110 hp  Yanmar 4JH4-THE

Quality Product, Exceptional Service

This review is based on the Variprofile 3 blade feathering propeller matched with a Yanmar 110HP engine with direct drive aboard a new Dufour 485 sailing vessel. Results under power deliver amazing power and smooth operation through the entire RPM range of the engine. Prop torque at lower RPM’s makes maneuvering in tight places easy.

Under sail the propeller easily feathers for super low drag and increased rudder sensitivity. The appearance of this propeller reveals a carefully designed blade configuration and a stout build.  The propeller consists of two parts, the hub assembly and blade assembly. The manner in which both assemblies connect to shaft and one another is an amazing feat of engineering. Simply stated, this is no wimpy prop that will leave you wondering about integrity or leave you short on performance and fuel economy.

Another attribute that makes this propeller user friendly is the external pitch control mechanism. Need to tweak the pitch in either forward or reverse? No problem to do so either in or out of the water. Takes only a few moments and there’s no parts to disassemble or drop to the bottom of the harbor.

Admittedly we had an early version of this propeller that came with the boat from the factory that we later discovered had a glitch. I called Variprop USA on a Friday afternoon to discuss with company representative who promptly identified the problem and had a new propeller sitting on my door step Monday morning!

Simply stated, the Variprofile propeller is the perfect choice for today’s modern performance cruising sailing vessels. At the end of the day this is truly a quality product that won’t let you down with service support that’s second to none.

-- Dana S.

Ericson 381, VP-64 3-blade 16”x11”x9”, 32 hp Universal 5432

The Variprofile 3 blade feathering prop was carefully researched and found to be the most technologically advanced feathering sailboat propeller currently on the market.  I was skeptical of the benefits and the decision to purchase was almost years in the making.  I'm sorry I waited so long!  The Variprofile prop does everything it is advertised to do and more.  I sail an Ericson 381 and use it mostly for weekends and coastal cruising.  Motoring performance with the Variprofile is much improved, acceleration is better, top speed is a solid 1kt higher, and reverse is fantastic.  The boat will back straight now, no more propwalk!  The boat will also stop very quickly now when placed in reverse, it easily reduced the old stopping distance by half.  Now to the even better part.  Under sail the boat is 1/2kt to 1kt faster. Light air performance is much improved and the acceleration is noticeably improved after completion of a tack. The final detail is that helm feel has appeared to improve as well.  The leading edge of the rudder is 39" long.  The old fixed prop would leave a wake of disturbed water 16" wide flowing over that rudder foil.  Not so anymore.  The smooth water flow apparently made a difference as the helm is simply more responsive to smaller inputs.  I can't say enough about the prop, it is worth every penny.

-- Robert T. – Prev. propeller 2-blade fixed 16”

Hunter 36, VP-64 3-blade 16”x13”x11”, 27hp Yanmar 3GM30

I have been very happy with the prop. We took the boat on a month long trip up to the Bay of Quinte and the 1000 Islands and back and, of course did lots of motoring!

On one particular day traveling from Belleville to Cobourg we motored into 18-20 kts of wind and 6-8 ft waves from Presquille to Cobourg and it was nice to have all that thrust. We burned lots of fuel but the boat maintained its speed pounding through those waves.

Now that I have the hang of it, backing the boat down is a piece of cake. In fact after I got back from the trip I took the boat over to the gas dock at Bronte Outer Harbor Marina for fuel and pump out. I decided to back the boat from the gas dock all the way to the other side of the marina where my berth was. I got a few strange looks but it was lots of fun and the boat was always under control.

-- Brian M. – Prev. propeller 2-blade fixed 16”x13”

Hunter 36, VP 64 3-blade 16”x14”x11”, 29hp Yanmar 3YM30

As far as the VARIPROFILE performance I have found it smooth and no issues with maneuverability. I don’t find significant walk and docking has been good. I really do not have a direct comparison as this is our first boat and it has only had the VARIPROFILE on it.

-- Peter S. – Prev. propeller N/A

IOR 2-Ton, VP 76 3-blade 18”x14”x10”, Pathfinder 1.6

I want to say thank you for the great service and product. When I first received the new propeller I was very impressed and happy to see the good German design engineering and high machining tolerances I have come to expect from this part of Europe.

In using the VariProfile last year on my 6 month trip from Washington to Alaska, I'm happy to say this propeller has been a very good upgrade from my last two feathering props of which the two bladed Maxi and a three bladed Kiwi prop, both giving me unsatisfactory power and speed not to mention the machining tolerance left something to be desired.
I found the three bladed VariProfile has been a very well made and functioning propeller for my 40 foot sailboat against the fast currents and heavy winds of the Pacific Northwest.

-- Dave P.

NIAGARA  42 MKII,  VP -76 3-BLADE  18”x12”x10”, 46 hp Westerbeke W46A

A great summer but it went too quickly. The new prop worked very well and gave me added speed at lower RPM's so I am happy about that. There was no vibration and handling was good. Overall I am pleased with the product.

-- Russell  Mprevious prop: 3-blade fixed.

Swan 36, VP-64 3-blade 14”x11”x10, 18hp Yanmar 2GM20F

My Swan 36 is an old boat, 40 years, but she’s still meant to be a relatively fast one. I looked at all the available props and settled on the VariProfile. It was feathering vs. folding, it had excellent drag characteristics, it was easily adjustable underwater, and the sales/technical/customer service assistance I received – and continue to receive – at all phases of the purchase was top-notch. In fact, I liked the VariProfile well enough to buy it again – this time for our other boat, an old Swan 40. That prop has taken her across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean quickly and with no problems. Heck, if I were dumb enough to own three boats there’s no doubt she’d be fitted with one as well.

-- PS

Sparkman & Stephens Custom 46, VP-76 3-blade 18”x13”x11”, 35hp Volvo MD3B

Thanks for all your help, the VariProfile works beautifully.  Zero vibration, excellent grip, lower RPM's yet more speed, backs up absolutely straight - zero "crawl", craftsmanship equal to jewelry.  The VariProfile perfectly complements our total restoration of a mid-70's Sparkman Stephens sail yacht.

-- EH

Townson MK I,LWL 28.5’, VP 64 3-bl 15"x12"x13"Yanmar 21 hp 3YM20

We relaunched yesterday with the new engine & propeller, and everything seems to be working just fine.  I can report that the new propeller is actually better than I  expected. The reverse thrust is quite amazing, yet - and this is a huge surprise - there is virtually no propeller walk. Which means steering in reverse is hugely improved. How can this be?
More thrust, yet less prop walk?

Overall at this early stage I am more than impressed. We will be undertaking a full on engine and performance test within the next week or so, which I will naturally send you a copy of.

So far - very good.

-- John