Variprofile is designed for the fin keel modern production yacht and vessels where the propeller length is not restricted by an aperture. Variprofile propellers, available in 2-blade and 3-blade configurations for engines up to 140 hp, offer complete adjustability for forward and reverse pitch plus the efficiency of a proper fixed blade or folding propeller.

Comprehensive engineering and testing by SPW GmbH over a period of two years has resulted in the use of, for the first time on a sailboat propeller, the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile. Normally associated with high-speed power boat and aircraft propeller blades the Gawn/Kaplan blade profile delivers outstanding efficiency with the result that the Variprofile delivers speed normally associated with fixed propellers or the best folding propellers. The innovative use of modern high-strength materials for the carefully machined helical gears allows a hub of small diameter and streamlined shape resulting in very low sailing drag. The Variprofile is unique for the fact that the hub is a separate piece from the blade/gear assembly. With a wide range of pitch adjustment available the blade/gear assemblies can be easily matched to any hub. In the event of a repower or rotation change a new blade/gear assembly can be mated to the existing hub.

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